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Many myths and misunderstandings about schizophrenia persist. What is the biggest problem for people with mental illness? Most say it’s the fact that even when they are feeling better others do not accept them. Imagine if you were to go to the hospital for surgery; or friends and family would call or visit. However, if you go to the hospital for a psychiatric reason, friends and even some family members are uncomfortable in your presence and often stay away. People suffering from schizophrenia feel the sting of discrimination in almost everything they do. They become isolated and cut off from society.
     Many people with schizophrenia may have difficulty finding work, making friends, finding a spouse, and caring for themselves. Most people with schizophrenia can function in society if they have concerned and knowledgeable caregivers to help them adapt to these limitations. The caregiver can be an important ally in ensuring that patients follow the treatment that has been prescribed. Caregivers often also need to provide financial assistance and housing; assist the ill person with daily activities, such as shopping, cooking, and washing clothes; supervise the person's medication; monitor their symptoms; negotiate with employers and social agencies; and provide emotional support.
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