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  information on the global programme

This programme was developed by experts from many countries, non-government organisations, associations of patients and their families, as well as government representatives. A number of committees are involved in this project:

Committees and Responsibilities

Steering Committe
Norman Sartorius—Scientific Director (Switzerland)
Juan J. López-Ibor—Chairman (Spain)
Julio Arboleda-Flórez (Canada)
Costas N. Stefanis (Greece)
Narendra N. Wig (India)

Treatment Committee
W. Wolfgang Fleischhacker—Chairman after 5/97 (Austria)
Juan J. López-Ibor (Spain) (Steering Committee Representative)
Timothy J. Crow (United Kingdom)
Paramanand Kulhara (India)
Jan Libiger (Czech Republic)
Michael G. Madianos (Greece)
Mario Maj—Chairman through 5/97 (Italy)
Michael O. Olatawura (Nigeria)

Reintegration Committee
Julian Leff—Chairman (United Kingdom)
Costas N. Stefanis (Greece) (Steering Committee Representative)
Marina Economou (Greece)
Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
Ulf Malm (Sweden)
Vincent B. Wankiiri (Uganda)

Stigma Committee
Richard Warner—Chairman (United States)
Narendra N. Wig (India) (Steering Committee Representative)
Anthony W. Clare (Ireland)
Sue Ellen Estroff (United States)
Julio Arboleda Flórez (Canada)
Robert Freedman (United States)
Semyon Gluzman (Ukraine)
Trisha Goddard (Australia)
Driss Moussaoui (Morocco)
Michael Phillips (China)
Everett M. Rogers (United States)
Corinne L. Shefner-Rogers (United States)

Review Committee
Heinz Häfner—Chairman (Germany)
Norman Sartorius (Switzerland) (Steering Committee Representative)
Istvan Bitter (Hungary)
Giovanni de Girolamo (Italy)
R. Srinivasa Murthy (India)
Ahmed Okasha (Egypt)
Charles Pull (Luxembourg)
Harold M. Visotsky (United States)
Greg Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

The programme also relies upon the technical advice of the Director, Division of Mental Health and Prevention of Substance Abuse, World Health Organization, Geneva.

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