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  information on the global programme

Austria / Austria’s nationwide effort has begun, with separate sub-committees established in the east, west, south, and central regions to ensure local-specific activities.

Canada / Alberta, Canada—the first site where the WPA anti-stigma programme was pilot tested—has completed an 18-month run of the programme. A number of positive results from the effort have been achieved.

China / Steps are being undertaken in China to determine the potential for programme development, starting in Beijing.

Egypt / A Local Action Group in Ismailia has been formed and is developing a programme outline. Anti-stigma efforts already enacted have focused on identifying key areas of perceived stigma and discrimination.

Germany / Germany is currently coordinating a nationwide anti-stigma effort with programme centres in Kiel, Leipzig, München, and Düsseldorf.

Greece / The countrywide WPA programme in Greece will build upon the work already begun at the University Mental Health Research Institute.

India / India is currently developing its anti-stigma programme. The effort will focus on providing support for the families of those living with schizophrenia.

Italy / Brescia has been the starting point for Italy’s nationwide network of anti-stigma activities. The Local Action Group stationed there will help coordinate the effort throughout the country.

Spain / Spain has completed the pre-testing phase of its programme in Madrid, and is proceeding with targeted anti-stigma interventions and informational campaign to the media.
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