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In developing its programme the WPA is keen to build on knowledge and experience of all those engaged in fighting stigma and discrimination. To facilitate this the WPA is compiling an inventory of current and recent programmes against stigma worldwide. The inventory will include a brief description and review of each programme as well as other relevant information, such as name and address of a contact person. A copy of the inventory will be sent free of charge to all participants who have contributed information.

Your knowledge and experience is a valuable resource / The WPA is hoping that the inventory will provide a basis for networking among health care workers, people with schizophrenia, their families and friends, and thus help counter isolation so often experienced by all concerned.

Let us know about your programme / Perhaps you know of a programme or are involved in one that is aimed at fighting the stigma of mental illness in your country? This may be a programme of public information or education or of community action, initiated by an organisation or by individuals.
     Please, send the name of the programme and the name and address of a contact person, with telephone or fax number or email address, to:

Hugh J. Schulze
1609 N. Wolcott
Suite 105
Chicago IL 60622-1317
Voice: (773) 772-9794
FAX: (773) 772-9869
Email: [email protected]

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