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Anti-stigma efforts are underway in five centres around the country.

Programme Highlights

  • Family groups have successfully utilized the importance of the media as a medium to create awareness. They have used radio (especially effective in rural areas), participated in TV programs, interviewed with the print media and organized awareness programs that can capture media attention during events such as World Health Day and Mental Health Week.
  • Lobbying by Bangalore-based groups has resulted in the creation of social audit teams to study issues related to care provision in halfway homes. These teams also include family members.
  • As a result of family advocacy efforts, a major change was made in the 2001 census, which now allows people with disabilities (including psychiatric disabilities) to be counted as a distinct category.

Programme Coordinator
Dr R. Thara (Ms)
Schizophrenia Research Foundation
R/7A, North Main Road
West Anna Nagar Extension
Chennai- 600 101, Tamil Nadu
Tel: (+91-044) 26153971, 26151073
e-mail: [email protected]

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