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Initiated in Casablanca.

Programme Highlights

  • A TV program of 90 minutes was organized and broadcast in the first channel of Moroccan TV. The program was on mental health, mental illness and stigma, and included participation of family members.
  • IDMAJ holds weekly meetings with inpatients to explore stigma and how to fight it, and also with family members of inpatients to explain the illness, its causes, how manage it with the patient and how to deal with the stigma.
  • IDMAJ works in close collaboration with two family associations dealing with schizophrenia specifically. This collaboration includes a support group of families and a seminar on stigma associated with schizophrenia.
  • IDMAJ is conducting nationwide surveys to assess knowledge and attitudes of the general public.
    Handbooks written in Moroccan Arabic were prepared for individuals with schizophrenia and their families.

Programme Coordinator
Nadia Kadri
WHO Collaborating Centre in Mental Health
University Psychiatric Center in Ibn Rushd
Rue Tarik Ibn Ziad
Casablanca, Morocco
Phone/Fax: 212 22 206867
Email: [email protected]
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