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The initial site began in two distinct communities in São Paulo.

Programme Highlights

  • Initiated in Saõ Paulo, the group began a Coalition Movement for Mental Health in Brazil - an initiative that has already brought five NGOs together and will continue to develop a common agenda to integrate an Action Plan and advocate in the field of mental health.
  • Established the Brazilian Schizophrenia Association - ABRE (Associação Brasileira de familiares, amigos e portadores de Esquizofrenia).
  • The "Book Project", initiated in 2001, is an ongoing collective project composed by users, relatives and mental health professionals for the production of texts with stories and experiences covering the onset, crisis and diagnostic, treatment and recovery from schizophrenia. The book, geared to the lay public, aims to capture experiences of those living with the illness, pathways to help, as well as family needs and social support.

Programme Coordinator
Dr. Cecília Villares
Departamento de Psiquiatria
R. Botucatu, 740-30 andar
São Paulo - SP
Phone and Fax: 55-(11)-5081-3502
Email: [email protected]
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