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Begun in Athens, now nationwide.

Programme Highlights

  • The Panhellenic Association of Families for Mental Health has been established.
  • A nationwide educational project targeted at schools has been established in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education. The goal is to instil tolerance of diversity, and respect for human rights, and through these lead to the acceptance of people suffering from mental illness. We organized a training programme for 180 professionals who will staff residential settings within the framework of the Psychiatric Reform in Greece.
  • Pamphlets and leaflets on the essentials of schizophrenia and the stigma "inspired" by the film "A Beautiful Mind" were created. More than 1,500,000 pamphlets were distributed nationwide by news-paper, 60,000 were handed out at cinemas, theatres and selected video-clubs in Athens, more than 1,700,000 were mailed to house-holds in the region of Attica with their Water Company Bill, more than 50,000 pamphlets were posted to the entire network of Mental Health Services all over Greece, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and roughly 30,000 were distributed at conferences, workshops, academic institutions, Universities, NGOs etc. The pamphlets were translated into Turkish, Albanian, Arabic and Kurdish so as to be available to the economic immigrants living in Greece.
  • Interventions have also been undertaken with journalists to help correct misconceptions in the media
    Other interventions on television, in cinemas and on the Internet are currently underway.

Contact information
Dr. Marina Economou
University Mental Health Research Institute
Argirokastrou & Ionias, P.O. Box 66517
Papagou 156-01
Athens � Greece
Phone: +3010-61.70.822-824
FAX: +3010-65.19.79
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://www.epipsy.gr

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