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A national programme. September 15 is now a national "Day of Solidarity with People Suffering from Schizophrenia".

Programme Highlights

  • Established an NGO of patients called "Open the Doors," whose goals are self-education and the education of other patients, their families, professionals and other social groups about schizophrenia-related problems.
  • Support and participation in a program named "Together in Art and Life," which promotes the creativity of mentally ill people, supports art therapy, organises exhibitions, auctions, art workshops, courses and conferences, and cooperates with professional artists.
  • The first "Day of Solidarity with People Suffering from Schizophrenia" was celebrated in Poland last year (September 15, 2002). In 16 regions throughout the country, thousands of people crossed different "Open Doors" on the streets which were the symbols of overcoming the fear of schizophrenia. This event integrated people in local communities: politicians, local authorities, artists, journalists, priests, students and clients with their families and people working in psychiatry and social care.
  • The "Day of Solidarity" included lectures, seminars, exhibitions, poetry and performances. Two main results were achieved during this time: integration and massive education. A short video was produced that shows the first "Day of Solidarity with People Suffering from Schizophrenia in Poland" (7 min).

Programme Coordinator
Dr. Andrzej Cechnicki
Day Treatment Centre
Collegium Medicum, Jagiellonian University
PL-Sikorskiego 2/8
31-115 Krakow, Poland
Fax: (48.12) 422.5674
Email: [email protected]

Programme Deputy
Anna Bielanska:
Email: [email protected]
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