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Begun in Istanbul, and expanded to Izmir and Ankara. The WPA effort was part of one of the first local NGOs dedicated to mental health.

Programme Highlights

  • At An interactive course titled "The Attitudes of Society and Doctors Toward Mental Illnesses" has been added to the curriculum of the intern doctors of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. The subject of the course is "schizophrenia and stigma." Since 1999, 400 students have attended the course.
  • The group has distributed 300 informational packets on early diagnosis to GPs working on the European side of Turkey, and 200 in the Asian portion. These packets include handouts and brochures.
  • The second Schizophrenia Walk was held in March, 2002 with significant participation of local partners. A press conference followed the event and it received wide coverage by the national media. The Schizophrenia Walk will be held again in 2003.
  • A film by family members appeared on ten television stations.

Programme Coordinator
Alp Ücok M.D.
Istanbul Medical Faculty
Department of Psychiatry
Millet cad.
34390 Capa, Istanbul
Email: [email protected]
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